Maintaining Healthy Skin With Argan Oil

healthy skin

Our skin is our largest organ and, like any other organ, it needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Just as healthy cells are essential to maintain a healthy body, so healthy skin cells are essential to maintain healthy skin. One of the obstacles to having healthy skin is eating the wrong food. These foods can build toxins in the body, which attack our cells and undermine their health.
A complex of B vitamins can help to maintain a healthy skin tone, with the added benefit of reducing stress. Vitamin B complexes are in foods such as eggs, meat, liver, fish, whole grains, leafy green vegetables, avocados and peanuts.
Forget about all the hype around reducing the amount of carbohydrates in your diet. Yes, an excessive amount of of fine thing will be unhealthy in any situation, but our bodies – including our skin – would like carbs to remain healthy. Keep this glorious diet tip for healthy skin in mind: A scarcity of carbohydrates in your body can lead to a decreased quantity of antioxidants which play a large role in fighting the negative effects of free radicals. A diet that includes whole-grain carbohydrates such as wheat bread, pasta and rice can help to stop the pre-mature aging that happens when there is a scarcity of this nutrient in your system.


healthy skin

This article is the first in a series of eight articles. Each of the seven items bulleted above effect healthy skin and contribute to problem skin. The objective is to create the best possible situation for balanced skin. If you consider your skin dry, oily or normal, what you learn here will give you both treatment solutions and prevention solutions. While the symptoms (dry, oily and normal) are specific to your situation, the causes are fundamental and prevention of the excesses (dry and oily) is the ultimate goal.

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In the last article we spoke about how stress can affect the skin. Our next article will cover how water and hydration can help you maintain healthy skin inside of a skin management program.
A lot of people do not realize that the environment they live in has a big effect on their skin. Whether you live in a hot desert area or lower temperature environment, taking the correct precautions in different weather elements for your skin is an important factor to having healthy skin. Weather elements like sun and wind not only make your skin more prone to oils and dirt but can also have longer term effects like wrinkles and blemishes. Depending on your skin type – normal, dry, oily, or sensitive, long sun exposure can make your skin more oily and wind can dry your skin out. When it comes to weather elements, it’s good to know the do’s and don’ts to keeping your skin fresh, clean and protected.
By looking after our skin we are in fact looking after our whole body. Healthy cells mean a healthy body. That’s why the best treatment for acne could be a generous supply of Nature’s healthy skin foods.
We need a little sun time in order to allow the body to produce vitamin D, but 10 minutes per day is enough for most fair skinned people. Most experts’ tips for healthy skin talk about the merits of sunscreen. While some sun-screening compounds are safe and effective, others are not. Be choosy about your sunscreen and only use it when necessary. When it comes to sun-screening makeup, pick one that contains zinc oxide, rather than oxybenzone or benzophenone. The first is safe and effective. The safety of the last two is questionable. They may cause free radical damage.


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