Penis Skin Discoloration – Four Possible Causes


No matter what the attention that males give to the healthiness of their epidermis generally speaking, your penis is virtually always a reason for concern; the common man could draw a chart of his package along with his eyes sealed. Thus, it is not surprising that the appearance of such a thing uncommon – from dryness to lumps to red places or acne – can change into a source for anxiety.

While a discolored penis is typically nothing to be worried about, there are a selection of issues that can change the appearance of your penis epidermis. Knowing the possible factors behind penile stain can ease males’s be worried about small variants in pigmentation and know once they should seek medical assistance for their penis wellness.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

It is not uncommon for men, especially individuals with deeper epidermis, to have some variants in color; indeed, for men of all of the races, its regular for the penis is a slightly different shade compared to the epidermis regarding other countries in the body. When darker epidermis seems to appear suddenly or over a brief period of the time, its all-natural for men to worry. One possible description for the incident of darker epidermis is a disorder called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), which will be merely an over-production of melanin in affected region.

This condition usually follows an accident towards epidermis; discomfort from intense masturbation or intercourse is a most likely cause for PIH of penis. A penis impacted by PIH may have regions of epidermis that appear darker brown, or bluish or gray. Although this could potentially cause some social embarrassment, it is not contagious and generally fades as time passes. Treatment with retinol (vitamin A), laser resurfacing, or microdermabrasion can be useful in reducing the stain.


Bruising of penis after an accident can cause your skin in affected region to darken or even to undertake a purple, azure and even greenish appearance. A small penis injury followed closely by bruising is almost certainly not a reason for concern, but an abrupt blow towards member or impact during sex could result in a penile break and really should be treated immediately to stop lasting complications.


a red, blotchy appearance or visible bloodstream in epidermis’s area might also derive from penile injury. The stain will generally diminish as injury heals, but any discomfort or pain associated these signs is an indicator that medical assistance may be required.

Penile Vitiligo

In certain individuals, regions of epidermis regarding body, such as the penis, may fade in colour of as time passes until they become practically entirely white. The reason with this is not yet known, however it is perhaps not a reason for concern except as a cosmetic problem.

When you should get help for discolored penis epidermis

Males who encounter any of the after signs along with discolored penis epidermis should seek a specialist medical viewpoint:

  • Soreness;
  • Bleeding;
  • Itching or burning up;
  • Scaly, patchy epidermis or uncommon lesions;
  • Discharge.

Even when you’ll find nothing to be concerned about, seeing an experienced urologist or dermatologist will help ease males’s problems about their penis. Although it may feel awkward for some males to talk to a doctor about these issues, trained medical professionals have observed everything before and truth be told there to help.

Self-care for men with discolored penis epidermis

Establishing an everyday attention regime for the penis will help to revitalize the penile epidermis and enhance its overall appearance. Washing with a moderate cleanser and rinsing completely will help eliminate lifeless epidermis cells and gathered body fluids that raise the risk of discomfort and disease; and applying a natural penis nutrient lotion (many health professionals suggest guy 1 guy Oil) that’s enriched with vitamins, anti-oxidants and moisturizers will help slough away lifeless epidermis cells and invite for the development of brand new, healthy epidermis .

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