Top 3 Dangerous Skin Lightening Ingredients


The risks of hydroquinone tend to be very publicized but there are other epidermis whitening ingredients that tend to be similarly dangerous if not more therefore. When searching for a powerful epidermis lightening product, it’s always best to select one that will give you great outcomes however on threat of jeopardising your quality of life.


Hydroquinone is one of the most common epidermis lightening components around. Although it is banned in European countries & most parts of the world, it may be present numerous non-prescription epidermis lightening services and products in america in which it is legal to get it. In the usa, it is possible to purchase lotions with as much as 2percent hydroquinone non-prescription but levels all the way to 4percent can be obtained by prescription.

There is absolutely no question that hydroquinone works to diminish dark markings and lighten your skin but it really should not be made use of over extended times. If you decide to utilize hydroquinone and have now not seen outcomes after 4-6 months, you ought to cease usage.

Although, some studies have shown that hydroquinone is a carcinogen for humans meaning that it might trigger disease, no substantial studies have been carried out in this area.

Using hydroquinone over long periods of time can Ochronosis, that will be a condition in which dark and dense blue-black spots appear on your skin. Your skin ultimately ends up searching a whole lot worse than before epidermis lightening therapy was begun.


Mercury is another extremely effective epidermis lightening ingredient that triggers more damage than good and has now been made use of since the early twentieth century. The usage of mercury in aesthetic services and products was banned in European countries in 1976 and in 1990 in america.

Mercury is a poison! It really is consumed into the epidermis and traces can still be located within the body after demise. Complications of mercury poisoning consist of tiredness, memory loss, problems and kidney harm.

Although banned, it is still possible locate products that contain mercury being sold illegally therefore make certain you know exactly just what components are in any aesthetic product you’re thinking about purchasing.

Steroids (corticosteroids)

Relevant corticosteroids such as for instance hydrocortisone supply fast and temporary epidermis whitening but extended usage just isn’t safe or suggested. Corticosteroids are often recommended by doctors to take care of epidermis problems like dermatitis and eczema consequently they are not intended to be properly used for extended times. Lightening of your skin is a side aftereffect of using these lotions however the sale of these especially for epidermis lightening is unlawful so when sold on the black market, steroids are not usually listed in the components. The usage of corticosteroids may cause excess hair development, fragile and thin epidermis, discomfort and fungal or microbial infection.

There are plenty all natural ingredients that are utilized in epidermis whitening services and products these days. Many of these components tend to be arbutin, lactic acid, kojic acid and licorice herb. When searching for a skin lightening product, be certain it includes safe components.

Resource by Anita Greenwood


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