What Are the Main Causes of Wrinkles?


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What Are the Main Causes of Wrinkles?

by Elaine Katie Hamilton

As people age, there is the tendency for wrinkles to form on the skin. This is typically most noticeable in the face, neck and hands. The appearance of wrinkles in these areas tends to cause some distress. Sadly, wrinkles do not suit a lot of people and yet they tend to come about. What are the main causes of wrinkles? Knowing a little bit about it may help prevent or in some instances help turn back the clock.

Wrinkles develop in the skin where it is the most often creased. This explains why wrinkles on your face in many cases are formed in the areas of expression. As the skin is repeatedly folded or bent by say smiling, frowning, or raising of eyebrows, creases form as the skin loses elasticity. The aging process is normally marked by the damage of collagen as these folds are regularly created. The body also has a tendency to generate less collagen throughout the aging process. When the skin of the face is younger, it is able to bounce back from all of that. As the skin ages, that bounce back often lessens and as a result, the lines remain. These creases come into the world with individuals when they're born and become more prominent with time as the expressions are made.

Overexposure to the sun or a lack of sun protection also plays a part in the creation of wrinkles. The UV (ultraviolet) rays cause damage to the DNA of the skin. The younger the skin behaves, the more the wrinkles from the sun will subside when alterations in sunbathing behaviors are made. This also may include tanning bed UV exposure. Smoking is usually another activity that is known to create wrinkles after a while. Smoking constricts the blood vessels through the disbursement of toxins. This constriction lasts for about four hours. Acne can be the cause of wrinkles in thinner skin. The bacteria which causes acne can deteriorate the dermis. The regions of deterioration can appear if the skin thins due to age.

Vitamin C can help to stop wrinkles. Consuming foods rich in vitamin C can help keep wrinkles from increasing. Using skin care products for your face and other skin, which contain vitamin C can be helpful in preventing and in many cases, lessening wrinkles, as it builds collagen. Skin care products with vitamin A, in the form of retinol, helps in the reduction of wrinkles and improvement of skin tone. Alpha Hydroxy Acid, also known as AHA, exfoliates skin and produces collagen. Peptides have so far been shown to be successful in smoothing away wrinkles. The skin needs proper hydration, so drinking plenty of water and protecting skin from the sun, is a basic way to keep wrinkles from forming.

Nobody wants to have their face marred by wrinkles. Everyone would like their skin to always be at its best. While this is not always possible or preventable, hopefully some understanding on the main causes of wrinkles can help people age more gracefully.

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